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Encontro com o Criador

In early October 2010, I was approached by my great friend and professional photographer Rui M. Leal, who had been invited to be DoP on a short film produced, directed and starring Ciomara Morais, a well known actress in Portugal and Angola. After a 7 years career as actress, Ciomara had decided to go behind the cameras and she founded the production company Elavoko Entertainment, to produce her first short film "Encontro com o Criador".

They were looking for a Camera Operator but, upon having our first meeting in ARTIMEDIA studios we agreed that I would be involved not only in Cinematography, but also in all the post-production. Shooting went perfectly well in the Oeiras Cemitery, as well as Ciomara's own place. All the involved cast and crew did an outstanding job, specially considering the meager resources. The Angola Public Television (TPA) was there to shoot a making of and some backstage interviews.