EUDAIMONIA - Trailer (2017)

Director: Yuri Krutii
Producer: Nell Cunningham
1st AD: Daniel Caradec
Cinematographer: Claire Murphy/Iguácel Cuiral
Camera Operator: Miguel Melo Queiroz
Editor: Natalie McGowan

Synopsis: Ancient philosophy meets a futuristic religion in a film about womanhood, happiness, and independent thinking. Eudaimonia seeks to inspire the viewer to question reality and use their rational capabilities just as Grace is asked to do the same.

This was not an ARTIMEDIA production. This project had two people from our team in it: Daniel (1st AD) and Miguel (Camera Operator).

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CARVED - Trailer (2017)

Producer: Magali Neveu
Director: Daniel Caradec
Cinematographer: Tomas Pecold
1st Assistant Camera: Radka Filipska
2nd Assistant Camera: Miguel Melo Queiroz

Synopsis: Once upon a time, Nick and Cathy carved their initials on a tree. Three years later, Nick and Cathy break up... and something in the tree snaps.

This was not an ARTIMEDIA production. This project had two people from our team in it: Daniel (Writer/Director) and Miguel (2AC).

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Producer: Thaye Tsehring
Director: Lizz Short
1st Assistant Director: Daniel Caradec
Cinematographer: Miguel Melo Queiroz
1st Assistant Camera: Bill Kapnis
Editor: Miguel Melo Queiroz

SIZE CUT - Trailer (2016)

Director, Cinematographer and Post-Producer: Miguel Melo Queiroz

Trailer for the short film SIZE CUT, produced for a Channel 4 Documentary about indie filmmakers. A short exploitation thriller with fantasy and fetishistic elements. Some scenes may contain violence so, viewer discretion is advised.

ENCONTRO COM O CRIADOR: This short film was a collaboration between ARTIMEDIA and Elavoko Entertainment, in 2012.

Production: Ciomara Morais/João Pinho (Elavoko Entertainment)
Script: Ciomara Morais (Elavoko Entertainment)
Storyboard: Riqo Almeida (Elavoko Entertainment)
Director: Ciomara Morais
Cinematography: Rui M. Leal / Miguel Melo Queiroz
Camera Operator: Miguel Melo Queiroz (Artimedia)
Audio Recording: Miguel Melo Queiroz (Artimedia)
Editing and Sound design: Miguel Melo Queiroz
Subtitling: Miguel Melo Queiroz (Artimedia)

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