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My Big TOE - Bootstrap

In 2009, while doing some YouTube research on altered states of consciousness, I got acquainted with the work of Tom Campbell: physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE book trilogy. I got in touch through his YouTube channel and we became "internet friends". In 2011 I started getting involved in the translation of his books to Portuguese and I also tried to organize a conference for him in Portugal. But unfortunately that didn't go forward due to lack of demand/interest from the public.

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Sauter Corporate Video

For several weeks up and down the country, we filmed schools, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, religious sanctuaries and banks whose, energy management systems had been projected by the multinational SAUTER Iberica, S.A. Pre-production implied planning the trip and acquire licenses to film in all these locations. 

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Ascension from Water: Dance & Multimedia Show

On 29 October 2009, Ascension from Water premiered at Alcobaça's Cine-Theatre. ARTIMEDIA was responsible for producing all the multimedia content of this dance show organized by the Ascension Project, mentored by Luis Sousa. For several weeks we filmed the dancing team performing on several locations and then delievered the final edited footage, along with its soundtrack. ARTIMEDIA also filmed the premiere night, and finally edited the promo video, which can be seen below. Sorry but YouTube ruined the quality during its conversion.

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Cooking Tutorials for Sapo Sabores

In a colaboration with Portugal Telecom, ARTIMEDIA produced these delicious cooking video tutorials with Chef José Avillez and Chef Carlos Braz Lopes, for the Lifestyle online channel Sapo Sabores.

Here are a couple of examples. Please forgive the degraded quality resulting from youtube encoding:

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VII Congress of the Portuguese Judges

In this congress, the company Meios Tec intended to promote Digital Stenography technology as a way to improve the speed of court proceedings. The event was filmed and screened in real time at the venue. Throughout the Congress, all the speakers speeches were captioned in real time, as a demonstration of the potential of this technology.

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